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  • Collection: International Sanitary Conventions - Photographs

Unloading UNRRA supplies at the European Regional Office (ERO) headquarters.

A child being examined in a clinic in China.

Classroom demonstration in the administration of penicillin follows discussion of therapeutic use of drug.

Cholera vaccine is rushed aboard a CHT AT6 plane at Lunghwa for shipment to Chengchow, Honan, where the supply of UNRRA vaccine has been exhausted by mass inoculations in Chengchow and vicinity.

Greece; Mass X-ray examination of the population of Patras in the newly reconstructed Tuberculosis Preventorium on the outskirts of the city.

An intent Austrian refugee waiting to have her baggage checked by Chinese customs officials in Shanghai before boarding the repatriation ship.

Dr. Szeming Sze of the Far Eastern Section of UNRRA’s Health Division, examines a microscope, part of UNRRA’s field equipment. Dr. Sze is the son of Dr. Alfred Sze, for years Chinese Ambassador to the United States.

Washington, D.C.; These physicians from the other American Republics are familiarizing themselves with the United States Army field kit which they will take with them when they go to Europe as members of the UNRRA, to aid the victims of war. Left to…

Laguardia Field, New York. A crate holding 360 vials of plague serum which an Air Transport Command plane will fly to UNRRA offices in Chungking, China

Split, Yugoslavia. UNRRA medical supplies being shipped from the government warehouse to sections of the country which have had no medicines since the end of the war.
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