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List of countries participating in certain international conventions and the dates of ratification. Taken from folder "International Sanitary Conventions."

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Memorandum announcing the recent accession of the Netherlands to the 1944 Sanitary Conventions . Taken from the folder "International Sanitary Conventions."

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Taken from folder "International Sanitary Conventions."

An intent Austrian refugee waiting to have her baggage checked by Chinese customs officials in Shanghai before boarding the repatriation ship.

Bacteriological unit at Drventa, Yugoslavia

A child being examined in a clinic in China.

Cholera vaccine is rushed aboard a CHT AT6 plane at Lunghwa for shipment to Chengchow, Honan, where the supply of UNRRA vaccine has been exhausted by mass inoculations in Chengchow and vicinity.

Classroom demonstration in the administration of penicillin follows discussion of therapeutic use of drug.

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A diagram of disinfectant chamber from the report "Control of Typhus in the Liberated Areas of the Soviet Union" from the League of Nations Health Section. Taken from the folder "League of Nations."

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Dental report from a Displaced Persons camp in Italy taken from the folder "Health Country Mission - Italy - Reports - Correspondence."
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